Flood Protection

Flood Protection

The number of extreme weather conditions has increased in the last few years. The risk for people and property obviously rises with climate change. Increasingly severe storms cause more and more damage sometimes with trying regularity. The economic effects are a strain on public funds and often threaten corporate enterprises and private livelihoods.

Our flood water protection systems were originally developed from the containment systems. Their function and above all their sealing technology were a role model for numerous offers. Our original BLOBEL flood protection systems are generally characterized by their high quality, standardized materials, very careful manufacturing and extreme toughness.

The standardization of parts means that they are readily available now and in the future.. The additional protection against vandalism, which our HDS series offers, is particularly appreciated by public customers.

Flood Protection

Our flood water doors and automatic retention barriers compliment our range. Even in this area we lead the way in market standards.

Our flood water barriers fulfil the same safety standards as our containment systems. All of our products are subject to continual quality control according to DIN ISO 9001.


Mobile flood barrier systems

Mobile barrier Systems, Slide-Insert


Complete closure, Bolted, tommy screws


Highwater defense system


Barrier preferred for mounting within the opening
Rapid closure mechanism on the barrier body


Barrier preferred for mounting within the opening
Reinforced closure mechanism on the barrier body


Can be raised in height as floodwater rises
Rapid closure mechanism on the barrier bodies


Hinged flood barrier systems

Manually rotating barrier systems


High Floodwater Door, horizontal swivel


Mobile cover plates

Mobile cover plates


Flat barrier unit, Contact pressure rails


Flat barrier unit, Contact pressure rails


Shaft closure – heavy form, permanent inset


Automatic self closing flood barrier

Automatic Flood Barrier


Barrier – horizontal recessed in floor/ground


“Automatic” Flood Water Barriers

are – like our containment systems – fully automatic. The barriers are activated by detectors (such as moisture sensors or floats) and then move themselves into the final locked position. They also revert to their original stand-by position without any outside help whatsoever. This automated system takes the entire burden off your shoulders.

Each of Blobel's “automatic” systems is fully automatic – without exception.