Automatic Flood Barrier

Automatic Flood Barrier


Barrier – horizontal recessed in floor/ground


“Automatic” Flood Water Barriers

are – like our containment systems – fully automatic. The barriers are activated by detectors (such as moisture sensors or floats) and then move themselves into the final locked position. They also revert to their original stand-by position without any outside help whatsoever. This automated system takes the entire burden off your shoulders.

Each of Blobel's “automatic” systems is fully automatic – without exception.

bl-hws-k mini

Article Index: 560

Uncomplicated operation and variable

  • Barrier – horizontal recessed in floor/ground
  • Pneumatically controlled
  • Fully automatic




1000–5000 mm


 Special situations

up to 20000 mm



500–1000 mm


 Special situations

up to 1800 mm


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